Bar Saltz 10ml


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Bar Saltz 10ml

Bar Saltz 10ml nicotine e-liquids are our brand new range of e-liquids featuring excellent flavours inspired by some of the most popular disposable bar salt flavours! The e-liquids contain 50% more flavour concentrate than the average e-liquid, providing intense flavour that will leave you wanting more!

Disposable bar salts are incredibly popular for their strong flavours, although they are the most expensive way of vaping. Our B-Saltz e-liquids bring you the same strong flavours found in disposable bar salts, in 10ml bottles, making it a lot more affordable and allowing you to use it in any device!

If you have ever tried disposable devices, such as the Elf Bar or Geek Bar, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the flavours of our Bar Saltz. Incredibly similar with the same strong flavours and overall sweet taste.



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