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When Should You Change Your Coils?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how long does a coil last?’. It is very difficult to answer as there is no set life for a coil, however, there are some key indicators that will help you.

The reason we can’t tell you exactly how long a coil will last is because it all depends on your use, the type of liquid you’re using, and the settings on your device.

Burning Taste

The main indication that your coil needs replacing is a burnt coil. A coil has cotton inside, and eventually that cotton begins to burn. Once a coil is burnt, there is no other option other than to replace it. Coils will gradually get worse and worse with use, and it will get to a point where it is unbearable. If you are experiencing a foul burning taste, then it is time to get yourself a new coil.

As mentioned above, coils will gradually get worse with use, however, you can burn your coil instantly if you fail to prime (see below) your coil or accidentally vape your device without refilling it once the liquid has gone too low. You can also burn your coil by having your settings set too high. If your settings are at a high but acceptable level, then your coil will work fine, however it will burn out a lot quicker. If your settings are simply too high for the coil’s resistance, then you will burn the coil straight away.

Less vapour or flavour being produced

Another indication is experiencing less vapour compared to normal. Over time, as the coil gets older, you will get less vapour out of it. As well as less vapour, you will also experience less flavour. This normally starts to happen just before you coil starts burning. If you are anything like me, then this is when you would change your coils. I hardly ever experience a burning coil as I like my vape tasting as fresh as possible. As soon as I start to experience less vapour/flavour, I’ll look to replace my coil with a new one. Of course, you could probably use your coil for a little longer if you want to.

Is your coil leaking?

Leakage can be a sign of a coil that needs changing, but don’t change it straight away! Quite often I will have the odd little leak here and there, and the first thing I try is getting the excess liquid out of the middle of the coil. You can do this by rolling about a bit of paper towel and poking it down into the coil. When you pull the paper towel out, you will most likely see that it has absorbed a bit of liquid. Do this a few times and give your vape another go. If the leaking persists and you’re having no luck, then changing your coil might be the best option. Occasionally, you will come across the odd coil that just wants to create problems. If you’re fed up, then just give a new coil a go.

It is also worth noting, as a coil gets older, the chance of it leaking increases. So if you have been using the coil for a while, with no issues and it then starts to leak, this could be a good time to replace it with a new one.

Tips on making your coil last longer:

Prime your coils – priming your coil essentially means getting liquid into the cotton on the inside. There are two ways you can do this;

  1. Take your liquid, and drop a bit into the middle of the coil. Normally, you will be able to inspect the coil and you can see the cotton absorb the liquid. Once you have enough in there, then you’re ready to use it. This method normally works best with larger coils.
  2. The second method, is filling up your tank with liquid as usual, and then just leaving it to stand for 5+ minutes. This is the method I tend to stick with, as the first method can be a bit messy if you’re not careful, and waiting 5 minutes is not the end of the world!

Do not over-vape your device – Every time you vape your device, the coil heats up to a very high temperature, and you start to dry out the cotton. After 3-5 puffs, leave your device to cool down and reabsorb some more liquid. By vaping it heavily in a short amount of time, the coil will get hotter and hotter, and the cotton will get dryer and dryer, and it wont take long for one of those puffs to burn your coil.

Check you’re using the right settings – Some devices do not allow you to adjust your settings, and if you’re using one of these devices, then this does not apply. If you are able to adjust your settings, then make sure you have it set in an acceptable wattage range. If you take a closer look at your coil, you will see in very small writing, the wattage range for your coil. It will say for example, 7-12W. If you’re still unsure, then start with your settings at a really low amount. You might get no vapour at all, but you want to slowly go up in your settings until you start to produce some vapour. You can keep going up slowly, but once you get to a point where the vapour feels a little bit harsh or too hot, then you know you have met the limit, and you will want to go down a little bit.

Use the correct liquid – Using the wrong liquid can burn your coils out quicker and also increase the chance of leaking. If you are using a device that produce a more cigarette like amount of vapour, then you want to be using thinner liquid. Something like Steam 10ml or VAPEcom 10ml. These liquids are 50/50 or less. If you are using a device which produces large clouds of vapour, then you want to be using a thicker liquid, like the ones found here.


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