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Weird and Unusual E-Liquid Flavours!

We know what it’s like to get vapours tongue. Bored of the same flavours? That’s when we believe it’s the perfect time to try something a little different. We’ve picked out some of our favourite, wacky flavours available. Try them and see what you think!

Fruit Bat 50ml

Fruit Bat 50mls are incredibly popular! In fact, one of my favourite flavours are made by Fruit Bat – Stras Berry. Which is a Wild Berries, Raspberry, and Strawberry!

But we are going to talk about Razzle Dazzle. The flavour consists of Raspberry, Lime, Mint, and Cactus. I know what you’re thinking, what on earth does cactus taste like? Cactus has a mild taste, and to some it can come across sour. However, in e-liquid, it gives your liquid a lovely smooth, refreshing taste! Something slightly different to regular menthol. The Cactus, paired with the mint in Razzle Dazzle seems to work exceptionally well as they complement to two main ingredients of Raspberry & Lime.


70% VG / 30% PG

Strength: 0mg

Size: 50ml Liquid in a 70ml bottle (space for 2 nicotine shots)

Find Fruit Bat here!

Wild Roots 100ml

Where do we start with Wild Roots? The entire range consists of some flavours you do not see all that often. Let’s have a look at them all:

Pressed Pear, Pink Lady, and Elderflower – Elderflower is starting to creep its way into more and more flavours nowadays. But the mixture of Pear and Apple in this liquid is fantastic!

Royal Apricot, Forest Blackcurrant, and Acai – If you are yet to try Acai, then you’re missing out. They’re great, and work very well in e-liquid. The Royal Apricot and Forest Blackcurrants dominate the flavour on the inhale, with a smooth exhale of Acai. I lovely strong flavour.

Pomegranate, Queen Pineapple, and Cucumber – I bet you’ve never thought about vaping cucumbers! If you’re not a fan of cucumber, don’t worry, as you don’t really taste it. The cucumber just gives the pomegranate and pineapple a smooth refreshing taste on the exhale.

Gold Dust Peach + Goji Berry – Goji berry has a similar taste to cranberries and works really well with peach. This is a really nice flavour if you’re looking for an all-day vape. It is not overpowering in flavour, and you certainly won’t get bored of it!

Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon, and Frozen Blueberries – Probably the least audacious of them all, but it is worth mentioning. There are no wacky and weird ingredients. Nevertheless, still a great flavour. The lemon blends into the cherries really well and the frozen blueberries at a bit of a refreshing taste to top it off!

The great thing about Wild Roots is that, for every bottle you purchase, they have promised to plant a tree!


70% VG / 30% PG

Strength: 0mg

Size: 100ml Liquid in a 120ml bottle (space for 2 nicotine shots)

Find Wild Roots here!

Quencher NRG 50ml

The last brand I want to mention is Quencher NRG. Not exactly strange in flavour, but one in which you don’t see too often. Quencher NRG make three wonderful flavours based off of some very popular energy drinks!

For someone who is guilty to the odd energy drink here and there, Quencher NRG is perfect! Why drink energy drinks when you can experience the same taste through vaping!

There are three flavours in total, take your pick and see what you think!

Can you guess all the flavours?

  1. El Toro
  2. REDM
  3. OGM


70% VG / 30% PG

Strength: 0mg

Size: 50ml Liquid in a 60ml bottle (space for 1 nicotine shot)

Find Quencher NRG here!

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