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How Do You Know When To Change Your Coil?

One of the first questions we get asked when we sell a kit is ‘when do I change the coil?

There is no exact time-frame for how long a coil will last you, although, there average is 10-14 days depending on a number of factors. However, there are a few signs to look out for which will help you know when to change your coil.

Burning Taste

The main indication is a burning taste from your vape. When this happens, the cotton inside the coil has burned and will leave a foul taste in your mouth.

Your coil will eventually burn out naturally over time, however, you can burn your coil instantly if your settings on your device are too high.

Poor Vapour Production

Seeing less vapour than normal and nothing has changed with your e-liquid and device settings? This could be a sign that your coil is on the way out.

This is completely normal and happens as the coil gets older. As long as it is still tasting normal, then there is no need to take immediate action and change your coil. However, you should expect the coil to burn out quite soon. If you’re going out for the day and don’t want to change your coil while you’re out, then you might want to do it now so you have peace of mind knowing your coil will last you.

Less Flavour Than Normal?

Similar to the above, this happens over time as the coil is used. It is another indication that the coil is on the way out.

It is worth noting that this can also happen if you use the same flavour all the time. It is called ‘Vapers Tongue’ where you lose the ability to taste your e-liquid flavour.

If you have been using the coil for a couple of weeks and now experiencing less flavour, then it will most likely be down to the coil.

If the coil is relatively new and you’re experiencing less flavour, then it will most likely be vapers tongue. If you’re experiencing vapers tongue, the best thing to do is a use a new flavour which is completely different to the one you normally use. Normally minty flavours are best in this case. Use the new flavour for a week and go back to your first choice and you should notice a big difference.

What Can Lead To Shorter Coil Life?

Using e-liquids that are quite sweet will burn your coils out sooner. Many users enjoy the lovely sweet flavour, but you will have to sacrifice the life of your coils. In some cases, you can burn out a coil within a day if your e-liquid is too sweet.

Having your settings too high can also burn your coil out quicker. The higher your settings, the quicker you will burn out your coil. However, if your settings are way too high, then you will burn your coil out instantly.

Top Tip When Changing Coils

Remember to prime your coil by dropping a bit of e-liquid into your coil or by leaving it to stand for 5 minutes before you use it. This allows enough time for the dry cotton to absorb some e-liquid before you vape. Fail to do this and you will burn the coil instantly.

Remember The 3 Signs

  • Burning Taste
  • Less Vapour
  • Less Flavour

If any of these are happening, your coil needs changing or changing soon.

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