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E-Liquid & Air Travel: What To Know About Flying With Vapes

E-Liquid & Air Travel: What You Need to Know About Flying With Vapes

Travelling with vape juice can be tricky if you're not familiar with airline regulations and packing tips. This guide will help you navigate the dos and dont's of flying with e-liquids, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

E-Liquid & Air Travel: What You Need to Know About Flying With Vapes

E-Liquid & Airline Regulations

Travelling with e-liquids involves understanding and adhering to specific airline and security regulations. These rules ensure safety and compliance during your journey.

Can You Take Vape Liquid on a Plane?

Yes, you can take vape liquid on a plane, but there are specific rules you need to follow. Vape juice and e-liquids must adhere to the liquid restrictions set by airlines and security agencies.

UK-Specific Rules for Carrying Vape Juice When Flying

For UK travellers, e-liquids must be in containers no larger than 100ml and placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag with other liquids. This means that you’ll be fine to carry 10ml e-liquids, as well as 100ml shortfills with you. Each passenger is allowed one 20cm x 20cm transparent bag for liquids, which includes vape juice.

Airline Specific Rules For E-Liquids & Vapes

Airline Specific Rules For E-Liquids & Vapes

If you plan to fly with vape liquids, it’s important to be aware of the specific rules set out by the airline that you’re flying with. We’d always advise reviewing information from your chosen airline, either on their website or by reading information sent with your tickets. 

Here’s a look at what to be aware of regarding e-liquids and vaping for a range of popular airlines:

Ryanair Vape Liquid Rules & Device Rules

Ryanair allows passengers to carry e-liquids, but they must follow the standard liquid rules of 100ml containers in a clear plastic bag. Vape devices must be carried in your hand luggage and not in checked baggage. The devices should be turned off and stored properly during the flight. Vaping is not allowed on Ryanair flights.

EasyJet Vape Liquid & Device Rules

EasyJet has similar regulations to Ryanair, allowing e-liquids in 100ml containers within a clear plastic bag. Vape devices should be carried in your hand luggage and must be turned off. The use of vape devices on board EasyJet aircraft is strictly prohibited.

British Airways Vape Liquid & Device Rules

British Airways permits e-liquids in carry-on luggage as long as they adhere to the 100ml liquid rule and are placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag. Vape devices must be in your carry-on luggage, turned off, and not used during the flight. For the most current information, check British Airways’ website.

Virgin Atlantic Vape Liquid and Device Rules

Virgin Atlantic follows the standard liquid regulations, allowing e-liquids in 100ml containers within a clear plastic bag. Vape devices should be in your carry-on luggage, turned off, and stored properly during the flight. Using vape devices on board is not allowed. Refer to Virgin Atlantic’s website for updates.

Jet2 Vape Liquid and Device Rules

Jet2 allows e-liquids in 100ml containers stored in a clear plastic bag. Vape devices must be carried in your hand luggage, turned off, and cannot be used during the flight. Confirm the latest guidelines on Jet2’s website before travelling.

Packing Tips for E-Liquids When Travelling

Packing Tips for E-Liquids When Travelling

Properly packing your e-liquids is crucial to prevent leaks and ensure compliance with airline regulations. When correctly packed or stored, you shouldn’t experience any issues when moving through an airport, and your e-liquids and devices will stay safe and secure while you’re in the air.

How to Pack Vape Juice for Air Travel

To prevent leaks, place your e-liquid bottles in a sealed plastic bag and ensure they are upright in your carry-on. It’s also helpful to leave a bit of space in each bottle to account for pressure changes during the flight.

Can I Put E-Liquid in My Suitcase or Hold Luggage?

Yes, you can pack e-liquid in your suitcase, but it’s recommended to keep them in your carry-on to avoid potential issues with temperature and pressure changes in the cargo hold. While it can go in hold luggage, it’s safer to carry e-liquids in your hand luggage to prevent leakage and damage. If you must place them in checked luggage, make sure they are well-protected.

If you do decide to take e-liquid in your suitcase, we’d suggest using new unopened bottles so that the cap seal can provide an extra level of protection against leaks. We’d also recommend putting all of your liquids inside a sealable plastic bag or container, so if a leak happens they won’t ruin any of your clothes or other belongings in your case.

Is There A Limit To How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take on a Plane?

There isn’t usually a limit on most airlines as to how much e-liquid you’re allowed to carry. Limits however usually relate to size and weight. You can carry multiple bottles of vape liquid up to 100ml in capacity, as long as they fit within the 20cm x 20cm clear bag limit for liquids in hand luggage. Remember, each passenger is allowed one clear plastic bag, no larger than 20cm x 20cm. However, you can put larger bags in your hold luggage.

Airport Security Checks: What to Expect

Airport Security Checks: What to Expect

As vaping is now so popular, you shouldn’t expect to have any issues when taking your devices or e-liquids through airport security. Millions of passengers take their vapes abroad every year, and security officials are extremely familiar with them, so you shouldn’t expect to have to answer any questions about what your e-liquids are.

Do Vapes Need to Go in the Liquid Bag?

Yes, e-liquids need to be placed in the liquid bag during security checks. The vape device itself doesn’t need to be in the liquid bag but should be presented for screening separately.

As your vaping device likely uses a battery, it’s usually required to be carried within your hand luggage rather than in your suitcase. This also means you’ll be able to have it on you should you wish to use it in the airport terminal. Most airports have designated smoking areas or outdoor spaces where vaping is permitted.

Do Disposable Vapes Count as Liquid?

Disposable vapes themselves are not considered liquids, but the e-liquid inside them is subject to liquid regulations. Most disposable vapes contain 2ml of e-liquid, so are well within the regulations of what you can carry in your hand luggage.

Do Disposable Vapes Have to Go in the Liquid Bag?

While the device technically doesn’t need to be in the liquid bag, it’s best to check with your airline as regulations can vary. Putting your disposable vape in your transparent liquid bag is usually the best option and will enable you to move efficiently through airport security checks.

In-Flight Vaping Considerations

In-Flight Vaping Considerations

While taking your e-liquids through airport security is one thing, you might be wondering whether you’re allowed to vape on a plane. In almost all cases, you will not be allowed to vape whilst flying.

Using Vape Devices During Flights

Almost all airlines have strict policies against the use of vape devices on board. This is to ensure passenger safety and comply with international aviation regulations. It’s important to check with your specific airline, but as a general rule, vaping on a plane is not allowed. 

Attempting to vape on a plane can result in severe penalties and may result in the flight being diverted, being arrested when you reach your destination, and receiving a ban from flying with the airline in future.

Restrictions and Best Practices for In-Flight Vaping

Never attempt to vape on a plane. Instead, vape before boarding or after landing. Some airports provide designated smoking areas where you can vape before your flight.

  • Turn Off Your Device: You should carry your device in your hand luggage, but it should be turned off completely. Some vape devices have a locking feature to prevent accidental activation. Use this feature to ensure your device stays off during the flight.

  • Battery Storage: Remove your vape device batteries if possible, and store them separately in a protective case. This helps to prevent accidental activation and reduces the risk of battery-related incidents. Carry spare batteries in a protective case and avoid loose batteries in your luggage, as this can pose a fire hazard.

  • Follow Instructions: Always follow the instructions given by the flight crew. If there are any specific announcements or guidelines regarding electronic devices, ensure you comply fully. Tampering with smoke detectors in aeroplane lavatories to vape is illegal and can result in severe penalties, including fines and arrest.

Destination-Specific Rules About E-Liquids & Vaping

Destination-Specific Rules About E-Liquids & Vaping

Whether you’re travelling for business, a holiday, or any other reason, you should ensure that you are fully aware of the law around e-liquids and vaping devices in the country that you are travelling to.

Europe: Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations

Most European countries have harmonised their vaping regulations under the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). This includes restrictions on e-liquid bottle sizes (maximum 10ml for nicotine-containing liquids) and nicotine strength (up to 20mg/ml).

Some countries may have additional restrictions or requirements, such as public vaping bans or special labelling rules. Research the specific vaping laws of your destination country within Europe to ensure compliance. Violations can result in fines or confiscation of vaping products.

USA: Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates e-liquids and vaping devices. There are age restrictions (21+), and all products must meet specific labelling and packaging requirements.

Some states and cities have additional restrictions, such as flavour bans, public vaping bans, and specific sales regulations. It’s important to be aware of both federal and state/local laws regarding vaping. Non-compliance can lead to fines, confiscation, or legal penalties.

Australia: Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations

Nicotine-containing e-liquids are generally illegal without a prescription from a licensed Australian doctor. Non-nicotine e-liquids are legal but regulated.

Different states have their own regulations regarding the sale and use of vaping products. You should carry a prescription if bringing nicotine e-liquids into Australia. Non-compliance can result in fines or confiscation.

Middle East: Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations

Many Middle Eastern countries have stringent regulations or outright bans on vaping and e-liquids. Countries like the UAE have legalised vaping but with strict regulations, while others, like Saudi Arabia, have severe restrictions or bans.

Some airports may confiscate vaping products, and bringing them into the country can lead to legal issues. It’s wise to thoroughly research the specific regulations of your destination in the Middle East. Violations can result in severe penalties, including fines, confiscation, or even imprisonment.

Asia: Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations

Regulations vary widely across Asia. Some countries, like Japan, allow vaping but restrict nicotine e-liquids. Others, like Thailand, have strict bans and harsh penalties for possession and use.

Even in countries where vaping is legal, public use may be restricted or frowned upon. Before you fly, you should check the specific vaping laws of their destination country in Asia. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe, ranging from fines to imprisonment.

Eliquids & Vaping: Pre-Flight Checklist

Eliquids & Vaping: Pre-Flight Checklist

Before travelling with your vape devices and e-liquids, it’s crucial to ensure you comply with airline and destination regulations to avoid any issues. Use the following checklist to prepare for your trip:

Airline Regulations

What To Check

✔ Verify the airline’s specific rules regarding the transport of e-liquids and vape devices.

✔ Confirm the maximum allowable volume for e-liquids in carry-on luggage (usually 100ml per container).

✔ Check if vape devices need to be carried in hand luggage and not in checked baggage.

✔ Ensure your vape device is turned off and, if possible, locked or batteries removed.

Security and Packing

What To Check

✔ Pack e-liquids in containers of 100ml or less in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

✔ Store vape devices and batteries in your carry-on luggage.

✔ Use a protective case for spare batteries to prevent short-circuiting.

✔ Carry no more than 10 spare batteries

✔ Seal e-liquid bottles in plastic bags to prevent leaks due to pressure changes.

Destination Regulations

What To Check

✔ Research the vaping regulations of your destination country.

✔ Check if nicotine e-liquids are allowed and if a prescription is needed (e.g., Australia).

✔ Determine if there are any public vaping bans or specific areas where vaping is prohibited.

✔ Look up penalties for non-compliance with local vaping laws to avoid fines or legal issues.

✔ Research the vaping regulations of your destination country.


What To Check

✔ Carry a copy of any prescriptions for nicotine e-liquids if required by your destination.

✔ Keep airline and regulatory guidelines handy for quick reference if questioned by authorities.

✔ Keep e-liquid labels and packaging in-tact, as these may be needed at your destination country.

 In-Flight Considerations

What To Check

✔ Confirm that using vape devices on the plane is prohibited and plan accordingly. You might want to use nicotine gum or patches during your flight.

✔ Identify designated smoking or vaping areas at the airport for use before boarding or after landing.

Pre-Flight Preparation

What To Check

✔ Charge your vape device and spare batteries fully before your trip.

✔ Ensure all vape components (tanks, mods, batteries) are in good working order to avoid malfunctions during travel.

✔ Familiarise yourself with how to safely dispose of or handle vape products in case of emergencies during the flight.

 Final Checklist

What To Check

✔ Double-check all guidelines and regulations one last time before departure.

✔ Pack a small toolkit or supplies for emergency maintenance or repairs of your vape device.

✔ Remember to pack your battery charger, or charging cables for your device if needed.

Safe Travels with Your E-Liquid & Vaping Devices

Safe Travels with Your E-Liquid & Vaping Devices

Travelling with vape juice requires some preparation, but with the right knowledge, it can be straightforward. Always check the latest regulations, pack your e-liquids securely, and ensure compliance with airline and destination rules. 

Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite e-liquid flavours before you fly, as well as any replacement coils or pods you might need, so you’re ready to enjoy a safe journey and worry-free trip.

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