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Difference Between Coil & Pods

When it comes to maintaining your vaping device, you will often hear people talking about changing your coil or pods.

We change coils or pods because the cotton on the inside will eventually burn and leave you with a foul taste. On average, these need changing every week to two, depending on your use.

What is the difference between coils and pods?

Not a whole lot really!

A coil is a single atomizer which you unscrew from your tank, and replace with a new one.

A pod typically comes with a coil built-in which cannot be changed. Therefore, you need to replace the whole pod. However, you’re only changing the pod because the coil on the inside has burnt out. Pods are convenient and easy to use.

How do you prime your coil or pod?

Coils can be primed using two methods:

  1. Drip a few drops of e-liquid into the inside of the coil, saturating all of the cotton. Once this has been done the coil is ready to be used
  2. Or replace the coil in the tank, refill with your e-liquid and allow for it to stand for about 5 minutes. This allows enough time for the coil to naturally absorb enough e-liquid and saturate all of the cotton

Pods can only be primed using the second method. This is because it is difficult to drip e-liquid into the middle of the coil considering it is built into the pod.

It is important to do this every time you use a new coil or pod. You do not need to do this if you are just refilling and have already used the coil/pod.

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