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Shortfill E-Liquids

Shortfill e-liquids are most commonly found in 50ml or 100ml bottles, although this can vary. They are typically high VG e-liquid (thick consistency). The reason behind the name shortfill is because the bottles are not filled all the way to the top. The e-liquid inside contains no nicotine so the space in the bottle is there to allow you to add nicotine booster shots if you wish.

How many nicotine shots do you need?

As mentioned, the e-liquid in shortfills does not contain any nicotine. It is perfectly fine to use it without adding any nicotine shots. If you wish to add nicotine, then follow the guide below. Keep in mind, most users will make the bottle 3mg in total, with a small percentage of users going up to 6mg. Anything stronger will be too strong.

Most nicotine shots come in 18mg of nicotine. A simple rule to follow is for every 50ml of e-liquid, 1x 18mg nic shot will make the e-liquid 3mg in total. Therefore, if you wanted to achieve 3mg in a 100ml bottle, you would need to add 2x 18mg nic shots.

What devices work best with shortfills?

Since the vast majority of shortfills have a high VG ratio, they are best used with devices that use coils below 10hm - otherwise known as sub-ohm kits. If you use your device on 20w+, then the chances are you'll need to use shortfill e-liquids. View our range of sub-ohm kits.

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