Sony VTC6 18650


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The Sony VTC6 18650 has a 3000mAh capacity with a continuous current output at 15A. The Sony VTC5 18650 is also available.

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells may be dangerous if used and treated incorrectly. Please use with caution as misuse may cause a fire or explosion which can result in personal injury or damage to property. The user must have the appropriate level of understanding of the potential dangers and accepts all associated risks.

  • Always store and transport 18650’s in a protective case:
    • DO NOT leave 18650’s loose, including in your pockets or bags especially with your coins, keys, or other conductive materials
  • Use the correct charger
  • DO NOT leave 18650’s unattended while charging
  • DO NOT use 18650’s if the PVC wrap is broken
  • DO NOT use an 18650 that is damaged in any way
  • DO NOT expose 18650’s to extreme heat
  • DO NOT over-charge or charge above the maximum voltage rating
  • DO NOT immerse in water
  • If using a device which requires 2 or more 18650 cells, DO NOT mix and match brands or mix and match old and new batteries. Marry your 18650’s so that they charge and discharge at the same rate
  • Keep out of reach from children

If you are unsure on anything, please seek advice.


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