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Why Are Pod Kits So Popular?

Why are pod kits so popular?

Pod kits are one of the most popular choices for new and existing users. They are small, easy to use, and typically quite cheap. Pod kits work great with nicotine salt e-liquids which seems to be the number one choice for many users at the moment.

Users of disposable vaping devices have transitioned to pod kits for the similarity and huge savings. Here at Steam we advise all disposable users to consider making the switch to a pod kit. Let’s have a look at the main reasons pod kits are so popular in a bit more detail.

Size of Pod Kits

Most pod system devices are quite small. Of course, you do get some that are on the larger side although, most of them are pocket friendly.

There are two main designs when it comes to pod kits. The pen-style devices and the square-style devices. There are no advantages or disadvantages over each type, it just comes down to personal opinion on the design.

Here are some of our most popular pod kits:

  2. Vaporesso XROS 3
  3. Joyetech WideWick

Ease of Use

Pod kits are incredibly easy to use! Most pod kits do not even come with an on/off button. You simply fill the pod up with your e-liquid and you’re good to go!

Some devices may come with a button and screen to adjust your settings, although, they’re still very easy to understand and use. If the idea of having a device with adjustable settings scares you, just remember you would only adjust the settings until you find a comfortable setting. Once you have done this, you probably won’t need to adjust them again.

For example, I use the OXVA XLIM device (like most of my colleagues here at Steam). I choose to use the 0.8ohm pods and have the device set to 13W. I have been using the XLIM for about 4 months now and not changed the settings since.

When it comes to the coil burning out, the days of having to get your hands messy and changing the coil by unscrewing it are over! You just throw the pod away and start with a new one. It really is as simple as that.


So, not only are pod kits a great size and easy to use, but they are also typically quite cheap too! Most devices are between £20-£30 on average. We sell some which are as low as £12.99 which is the Aspire GoTech kit.

Depending on the brand and model, replacement pods are normally sold in double packs, threes, or four packs with an average price of £3.50 per pod.

If you’re a frequent user of disposables, then listen up! Here is where you’re going to truly understand the difference in price.

A disposable contains only 2ml of e-liquid with an average price of £5 per disposable.

A 10ml bottle of e-liquid is the equivalent of 5 disposables. 5 Disposables will cost you £25. How much will a 10ml bottle of e-liquid cost? On average, £3.33!

How much would you spend in a month on a pod kit compared to a disposable?

Let’s just say you already own a pod kit. How much would it cost to keep using it?

Most users will go through 1-3 bottles of e-liquid in a week. A very common deal for e-liquids is 3 bottles for £10. So, let’s just say £10 a week on e-liquid, and £30-40 a month. Pods will last the average user around 2 weeks. But let’s be conservative and say 3 replacement pods in a month. That will be £10.50 for the month on replacement pods.

The total cost of using a pod kit in a month will be around £40.50-£50.50.

If you use 1 disposable a day with an average price of £5 per disposable, you’re spending £35 a week. That is up to £140 a month!

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