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What Are Hybrid Vaping Kits?

You may have heard the term Hybrid Vaping Kit going around but some users are a little confused as to what they actually are. They very easy to understand, and they may be what you’re looking for!

Hybrid vaping devices are kits that can be used as either sub-ohm or plus-ohm. Therefore, being able to be used as a device which produces big clouds of vapour, or a less vapour, more similar to a cigarette. This is determined by the settings and coil you are using.

How does a hybrid kit work?

Hybrid kits are much the same as any other normal device available. However, with a few more options for you to play around with and see what suits you best.

Not all devices, but most will allow you to adjust the following settings or use different coils:


With hybrid devices, you will typically get the ability to adjust your airflow control, restricting it for a more mouth-to-lung experience, or opening it quite wide, allowing you to vape in a direct-to-lung manner.


These devices will also come with 2 different coils (some are purchased separately) where one coil will be very powerful, and the other will be a lot less powerful. The coil, alongside your settings (which we will get onto) will determine how much vapour is produced.


Being able to adjust your settings is a great option to personalise your vape to your needs. If you are using a mouth-to-lung coil (any coil higher than 1ohm), then you will typically run your device below 15W of power. If you are using a direct-to-lung coil (any coil lower than 1ohm), then you can up your wattage output. In some cases, this can be upwards of 80W of power.

How do you know what settings to use?

Check your coil! There will be small writing on the side of the coil which will guide you in the right direction. For example, the 1.8ohm Nautilus Coil says 7-11W on the side of it. Whereas the 0.4ohm Nautilus coil says 23-28W of power.

Top Tip: Always start on the lower end of the wattage and slowly work your way up. If you start high, then you run the risk of burning your coil.

Should you buy a hybrid kit?

Hybrid kits are great for anyone looking for 2 different styles of vaping in one. You may enjoy using it as a mouth-to-lung devices most of the time, however, when you do want some more vapour, you can essentially turn the device in a direct-to-lung device. Of course, with hybrid kits, you can always use it as either mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung.

Examples of hybrid kits

The most popular hybrid kit we sell is the Drag S or Drag X. These devices are typically used as direct-to-lung kits, producing large clouds of vapour. Inside the box, it does only come with sub-ohm coils. However, you can purchase coils above 1 ohm which you can see here. You can also purchase a separate pod with a more narrow mouth-piece which is designed for use with the plus-ohm coils.

Another example is the Aspire Zelos kit. This device comes with two coils in the box. One of which is a 1.8ohm coil producing less vapour than the 0.7ohm coil which is also provided in the box.

If you are ever unsure on what device is best for you, then we would encourage you to contact us. We will be more than happy to find the right device to ensure you get the best vaping experience for your needs.

How can you contact us?

Email – websales@klswt.co.uk

Telephone – 01889 226182

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