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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Pod Kit

Pod kits are typically smaller devices which require replacement pods rather than changing coils. The replacement pods have coils built-in to them. Some pod kits have pods which take replacement coils. We’re going to focus on the typical pod kits which have replacement pods over replacement coils.

1. No settings to worry about

For the most part, pod kits do not have any settings to worry about. Some of them do, but just avoid them for an easy and hassle-free experience. What you will find on most pod kits is just one single button which is used to turn the device on and off. You will also hold this button down while vaping. Want an even easier experience? Some pod kits work on inhale activation. This means when you inhale on the device, it will automatically make a connection and start creating vapour without the use of the fire button.

2. Replacement Coils? You can forget about those!

Pod kits are great because they typically use little plastic pods which have a coil built-in. When your coil needs changing, simply throw the old pod away, and start fresh with a new one. Of course, some do allow you to only change the coil, but even with those, you can easily replace the pod should you wish to.

3. Small and Compact Design

A lot of pod kits are designed to be smaller than the average vaping device. Pod kits are meant to be pocket friendly and light in the hand. With pod kits being smaller, it’s no secret that the battery capacity is reduced to fit into the smaller casing. But it is worth noting that pod kits typically output less power and give you more of a cigarette like experience – therefore, you don’t always need the biggest battery available.

4. Price

Pod kits can come in at a much more reasonable price compared to regular vaping devices. This is because they have smaller batteries, no settings, no LED displays, and they don’t come with tanks which can increase the total price – just pods which are relatively cheap.

It is also worth noting that replacement pods cost a similar amount to coils, which you would have to change on a regular device anyway. The main thing is that if you break your tank on a regular device, you will need to source a replacement which can be anywhere between £10-£35 depending on the model. With pod kits, if you do happen to damage the pod itself, then you just replace it witch a new one, which you would do when they coil needs changing anyway.

5. Great Back-up or Alternative

We understand that sometimes pod kits just can’t compete with the like of a bigger, more powerful MTL device. Without adjustable settings, or lack of airflow, some might feel as if a pod kit is a downgrade. Myself and many others use pod kits as their primary device and have no complaints at all. If you’re not ready to give up your big device just yet, then consider a pod kit to be a great back-up device. They are inexpensive, and can be set-up in a matter of minutes and ready to use.

Pod kits are also used as alternative devices for many users. Some of the bigger device do create some awesome vapour production and flavour, but they’re not the most portable. Going on a night out, or popping to the shops, sometimes a pod kit just makes perfect sense. Light in the pocket, easy to use, nothing to worry about!

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