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18650 Battery Safety Guide

What are 18650 batteries?

18650 batteries are lithium-ion cell batteries and have been around far longer than vape devices have existed. These batteries are commonly used in many other devices, such as flashlights and laptops.

Why are they used in electronic cigarettes?

Many smaller devices come with built-in batteries, but typically, larger devices will require 18650 batteries which are purchased separately. 18650 batteries are used in electronic cigarettes due to their large capacity and most importantly their discharge rates as many vape devices draw a lot of energy very quickly from batteries. 

Are all 18650’s the same?

You get many different variations in 18650’s from brands, capacity, amps, discharge rates etc. When looking for 18650 batteries to be used in your vaping device, please purchase only from a reputable vape website or store. Some 18650 batteries might work perfectly well in a flashlight, but will not be suitable for use in a vaping device. Always seek advice if you’re unsure. 

Transporting and storing 18650 batteries

When you’re transporting or storing 18650’s (apart from when they are in your device), it is highly recommended – actually, it is a MUST that you keep them in a non-conductive case. We do this to prevent any conductive materials coming into contact with the 18650’s as this can result in serious risks to personal safety. Always make sure to store your batteries in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight. 

If you’re storing your vape device for a long period of time, remove the 18650’s and place them separately in a non-conductive case.

Wraps & Insulators

18650 cells come with a protective wrap around the cells which play a vital role in protecting the cell from a short circuit. It is important to regularly check your protective wrap for any tearing or damage. If you notice any imperfections, stop using the 18650 and source a new wrap or a new 18650 altogether. If you are going to replace the wrap yourself, we would recommend checking the cell first for any damage before fitting the new wrap. 

18650 cells also come with an insulator ring at the top. The insulators can be found under the wrap of the battery on the top (positive) end of the cell. If your insulator ring is missing or damaged, again stop using the battery and source a new one. These insulator rings are very important due to the positive and negative cells being so close to each other. 

18650 battery with wrap and insulator

Marrying your 18650’s

Marrying your 18650’s is just as it sounds. You need to keep the same two batteries together for their whole life. If you’re using a device which requires two or more 18650 batteries, then you need to marry them. What does this mean? You should always use the same batteries together. Do not mix and match different brands or types of 18650’s.

If you’re using a device which requires two 18650 batteries, buy two of the same battery at the same time and always use those two together. If you’re going to get another set so you can switch them over when the charge runs out, then marry that other set too. This ensures that the 18650 cells will charge and discharge at the same rate. If you need to replace one battery because it has stopped working, then you will need to replace them both and keep the new ones married too.

To recap on this:

Always use the exact same type of 18650’s

Do not mix and match different 18650’s

If you’re replacing one, you’ll need to replace both

How do you charge 18650 batteries?

Vaping devices are getting better and better and many people choose to charge their batteries through their vaping device. Although devices are getting better, we would not recommend doing this all the time. It is always best to get yourself an external charger designed specifically for 18650 cells. This is not only a safer way of charging the batteries, but will also charge them more efficiently, extending the life of your 18650’s. 

Never leave batteries charging unattended and do not charge longer than the recommended amount.   

Where do we source our 18650’s?

We only source our 18650’s from reputable brands and wholesalers. Battery safety is highly important and we always ensure we’re getting genuine products. 

If you need further assistance then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01889 226182 or on Facebook.

Thanks for reading

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